Landowner notification

Paiute Pipeline Company (Paiute) has sent potentially affected landowners letters to inform them of planned survey work.  Landowners with questions will find additional information and resources, including contact information, in the Frequently Asked Questions section of this website.

Survey Work

Paiute currently is in the process of conducting ground surveys, which is the first preliminary step in gathering critical information that Paiute will use to develop the final pipeline alignment. These ground surveys began for the proposed expansion areas in October 2016. The surveyors will collect data and assess environmental, geological and archeological conditions of the preliminary pipeline route.  Paiute may need to revisit some properties in order to obtain additional data.

Paiute will use all information collected during this survey work to help determine the best location of the proposed pipeline facilities. Nothing will be removed from your property without your permission. Vehicular traffic will be confined to existing roads and access ways. After the survey teams are finished, you may see survey stakes and/or ribbon tied to fences or vegetation. These markers are necessary to maintain a line of sight for the areas that have been surveyed.  In areas where brush or tall grass is encountered, crews may need to cut some of this vegetation to maintain the line of sight. Some minor surface disturbance may also be required in order to collect soil samples. Our survey crews will take every precaution to ensure no damage to your property occurs and will make every attempt to minimize any disruption of your daily activities.

The survey process may also include considerable interaction with property owners along the proposed route so that your concerns can be identified and, potentially, become part of route-plan modifications.

Acquiring Easements

Paiute may be asking landowners affected by the proposed 2018 Expansion for permission to survey their land in order to obtain an additional easement, if needed. A permanent easement provides a limited interest in the land and enables us to construct, operate, inspect, maintain, repair or replace the pipeline.  A temporary easement provides a limited interest in the land during the construction and restoration period of the Project.

By law, landowners are entitled to receive compensation for having a pipeline on their property. If Paiute needs additional permanent or temporary easement from a landowner, Paiute will initiate compensation discussions with affected property owners for acquisition of  property rights in connection with Paiute’s easement to use the property. During the process, we will work closely with the property owner to address interests you may have.

If you are affected by pipeline construction, a Paiute representative will meet with you to make certain the job is performed with the least possible impact to you and the environment. Our representatives will be available before, during and after the Project to discuss any concerns you may have.

Property owners will be able to continue use of the easement once construction is completed; however, it must be kept clear of all obstructions.

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