Public Involvement

As part of the pre-filing process at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), Paiute Pipeline Company (Paiute) has created a public outreach program to help you understand Paiute's proposed project, voice your comments and be heard. Paiute's outreach program is designed not only to solicit public involvement in the pre-filing review process, but also to build credibility, develop trust, and maintain and strengthen stakeholder relationships along the construction corridor. 

There will be public open houses and possible scoping meetings during the pre-filing process, a process that will extend through June 2017, when Paiute plans to file its certificate application at the  FERC. The goals of these meetings are to:

  • create an atmosphere of openness and disclosure of public information through which Paiute can respond to questions, address concerns, and act on suggestions presented by landowners and other stakeholders;
  • generate an awareness of the project, its purposes and its value to the regional economy and to meeting the energy needs of the region and the United States;
  • ensure the community, landowners and other stakeholders have ample opportunity to gain project information while maintaining up-to-date project materials and timelines.

The open house meetings, a toll-free information line (1-877-593-2065), an information email address (, and  this website will help you stay involved and find answers to your questions about the project.  

Public Open House Meetings

Paiute formally introduced the 2018 Expansion Project at open house meetings on December 13, 2016 in Carson City, Nevada.

These informal meetings provided interested parties an opportunity to meet Paiute and FERC staff, review maps, learn about the regulatory process, ask questions and share feedback.

Paiute provided the following handouts (Large File Download 200+ MB) to all interested persons attending the meeting.

Paiute is dedicated to working with individuals and communities to identify facility locations that minimize impacts on landowners, the community, and the environment while balancing the needs of customers. Early involvement from stakeholders helps Paiute identify and address issues related to project design and location.

FERC Scoping Meetings

The FERC may also collect environmental comments on the project during a public scoping meeting. These meetings, if necessary, also are open to the general public and structured for people to make statements to the FERC staff about the project.  During the meeting, the FERC staff will describe the environmental review process, provide relevant information and answer procedural questions. Paiute will provide a summary of the project and be available before and after the formal part of the meeting for questions and answers.

The main purpose of a formal scoping meeting is for the members of the public to get an opportunity to voice their concerns.  Comments on the proposed project may be submitted by the public in written form, or made verbally during the course of the scoping meetings.The scoping meetings are recorded by a stenographer and will become part of the formal record of the FERC proceeding on the project.

Information gathered at scoping meetings during pre-filing will help Paiute prepare environmental mitigation measures. This information also provides the FERC staff with the resources needed to publish a more complete environmental document for public review.

FERC staff may post a notice of scoping period for the Project in December 2016.  FERC Staff  could schedule scoping meetings at that time.  Paiute will provide updated information on this webpage when it becomes available.

FERC's website contains additional resources for landowners and other persons interested in this project. "Your Guide to Electronic Information at FERC" explains how to access and file information from FERC. "An Interstate Natural Gas Facility on My Land"  outlines FERCs process of evaluating a proposed interstate pipeline construction project.