Pipeline safety is our top priority at Paiute Pipeline Company (Paiute). In addition to the standards set in place by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, and the Public Utility Commission of Nevada, Paiute has implemented its own standards that meet or exceed all federal and state requirements, all of which must be met before a pipeline can be placed into service.

Construction actions include:

  • Federal law mandates the use of above ground pipeline markers to notify the public of the presence of pipelines. Paiute uses these markers near roads, rails, fences, water crossings and curbs. Each marker contains the name of the pipeline operator and emergency contact information.
  • Corrosion control is accomplished through protective coatings and other techniques such as cathodic protection to prevent pipeline breakdowns.
  • Certified representatives constantly inspect the fabrication and construction of the pipeline.
  • All welding is tested for integrity prior to being placed into service.
  • Once the pipeline has been completed, Paiute tests the new line to ensure the pipes can withstand the strenuous activity.

Long-term integrity actions include:

  • Paiute conducts regular area inspections of its pipelines to check for third-party damage.
  • Paiute performs periodic pipeline maintenance inspections, including leak surveys and valve and safety device inspections.
  • Paiute regularly patrols its pipeline to check for construction activity near its pipeline and to maintain the pipeline and the rights-of-way.
  • Paiute has designed a comprehensive integrity management program to help ensure the integrity of its pipeline.
  • Paiute also conducts periodic assessments of its pipelines to check compliance with strict federal and state safety requirements that protect against threats like corrosion and third-party damage. In-line inspection, or smart pigging, is one way Paiute performs these assessments.
  • Paiute's 2018 Expansion Project will become part of nationwide One-Call 811 system, which is a free service to anyone planning excavation, construction or blasting activities near a pipeline. Every utility provider in the affected area marks the locations of their facilities to reduce the risk of damage.

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